Customer Feedback

"We are very pleased with our MM1000 Sidewall Remover. Prior to this, we struggled with cutting out sidewalls. Now it is easy and effortless! This machine is perfect for our operation. We look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Thank you for all of your help."
Dave Phelps
Owner, Rubber Recyclers of Lousiana, LLC

"The New Collection Trailer collects double the amount of tires! It saves me time and expense, because I can take more tires in one trip."
Owner, Central Tire Service, Salem, AL

"I don't know how I have survived without the MM1000 Sidewall Remover. I should have bought it 2 years ago!"
Owner, Reliable Tire Company, San Diego, CA

"The MM1000 Sidewall Remover and Bead Remover are the best machines I have ever had. They work like a charm!"
Bill Skidmore
Owner, Skidmore Tire Products, Novascotia

"I can't believe how well the Sidewall Remover works. It makes my life a lot easier. Thank you."
Owner, Lilleholm Tracker Salvage

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